Kahina X Medusa Tn

from Nafada by Konqistador



Kahina was a Berber warrior queen who led indigenous resistance. In the present day, the image of the Kahina is constantly used by Berber activists to showcase how they, as a people, are strong and will not be conquered or diminished by other communities. She was called al-Kāhina (the priestess soothsayer) because of her ability to foresee the future. We want to call the spirit of Kahina to boldly predict a future of empowerment, gender equality and no censorship for women in the Arab world.


I love my ground
The land of Amazigh
I will give it all whatever happens to me
I have been faithful to my people for years
The Arabs wants to colonize us we are ready for the war
My tribe is protected by me, me is the Kahina
With my life I ​​protect it and we will be always here for it
Djerawa African Amazigh in the Blood
Maghreb in Atlantic attacked by the East
They want us to be arabs but I stood as an Obstacle
Okba Ben nafa3 and ben Noman attacked us from the east
I was hidden in the mountains and frighted very well

Heart sure
It’s better
Heart sure
It’s better

They say a Kahina is a magician who sees tomorrow in dreams
The daughter of Africa not Alice and Hanibal
I will never let them colonize us the Arabs and the Romans
They attacked us the arabs but I kicked them in the mountains
They didn’t understood anything when they saw the arrows in the legs of their camel
They say, a wicked sorceress who adore the idols
He thought I will get back Hassan Ibn No3man
The Romans were defeated and I become a symbol of courage
A woman better than thousand man mentioned for this hour
I prefer burning my ground than given it to them
So I asked to destroy it that they deter of it
In 35 years I learned my people how to be unite
I was able to free Khanchala, Tunisia and Tabarka
The Kahina is Amazigh
The Kahina is berber
I am the Kahina of Africa.
I am the Kahina
Dihiya Dihiya

Heart sure
It’s better
Heart sure
It’s better


from Nafada, released September 5, 2019
©2019 Konqistador Music
Producers: INfest8, Reginald Tiessen
Writers: INfest8, Elizabeth Graham, Reginald Tiessen, Medusa Tn
Recorded: Detroit (USA), Sydney (Australia)
Additional Recording: Neckkiler Prod / 49Heartz Music, Paris (France)
Mix: INfest8
Master: Tempermill Studios Detroit


all rights reserved



Konqistador Detroit, Michigan

Konqistador deliver cinematic, downcast, darkwave with glitched synth, bass-heavy and drum-forward industrial style production and perform live with provocatively themed, syncopated projection. Detroit based multi-arts practitioners Reginald Tiessen and Elizabeth Graham are the key members of Konqistador since it's inception in 2005 and regularly collaborate with INfest8 (Sydney, Australia). ... more

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