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N.W.O. by Ministry

(New World Order) was released as the second single from the album Psalm 69. The single was Ministry's biggest hit, topping out on the Billboard Modern Rock chart at #11. The song was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1993.

The song is a protest against then President George H. W. Bush. The song features audio samples of his voice, with him repeating "A new world order" over and over again at the end of the song. At this point of the song in the video, Bush is portrayed by an actor with an enormous papier-mâché head, grabbing his crotch and waving his arms. The majority of the video is a mix of police beatings, riots, and gunfights. It also includes a scene in which a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty is beaten by police in a manner similar to the famous amateur video of Rodney King being beaten by police.


All the locals hide their tears of regret
Open fire 'cause I love you to death
Sky high with a heartache of stone
You'll never see me 'cause I'm always alone
I'm in love without a trace of dissent
I'll buy the torture 'cause you pay for the rent
Tied high with a broken command
You're all alone in the promised land
I'm in love with this malicious intent
You've been taken but you don't know it yet
What you will know must never live to be found
'Cause it's a subject in the eyes of the clown
What we are looking at
Is good and evil, right and wrong
A new world order
A new world order
A new world order
A new world order
We're not about to make that same mistakes right
A new world order
A new world order
A new world order


from Klepto [EP], released April 25, 2017
©2016 Konqistador
Produced: Konqistador, INfest8
Written: Al Jourgensen
Recorded: Detroit, USA / Sydney, Australia
Mixed: INfest8
Engineered: INfest8, R. Tiessen
Additional Engineering: Doc Colony
Mastered: D. Feeny at Tempermill Studios
Artwork: hawkhaus




Konqistador Detroit, Michigan

Konqistador is led by Canadian producers Elizabeth Graham [Elle Stark] and Reginald Tiessen [RSSR] accompanied by producers and engineers spanning Detroit, Melbourne, Sydney, Istanbul and Bucharest. Konqistador collaborates with both master and emerging artists, forging an international 'no borders, no boundaries' creation and performance process. ... more

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