Nafada X Meryem Saci + Sultana

from Nafada by Konqistador



The Arabic word Nafada literally means tremor, shivering, shuddering and is a key concept in contemporary Arabic usage referring to a legitimate uprising against oppression. It is often rendered into English as uprising, resistance, or rebellion.


When the veil is lifted
And that your eyes only cry
Touch the tip of a frightened reality
Truth makes you squawk at images of depopulated territories
In the meantime, feel sorry for her when your hot bread is not grilled
Gaza Gang Arab Spring, Bosnia, Kosovo, n Chechen
Why's the enemy's always in governance
And the people always in sufferance
If the oppression is not flagrant it is insidious
Systematic, economically malicious.
Operation, Fight or flight, Always in activated mode.
All mode is afraid of the other so no one is ever real
Still relevant History of race, class
Beliefs or attachments
Hostile territory, we are not all docile
Peace begins first in itself No need for cross
This type of intifada is overflowing with

Sophia, Mary Magdeli - I, We, You, Me, She
One big beautiful unforgettable angry scene
She like you've never seen
Woman like you've never seen
Man, Woman like, like, like you, you'll never be

Hey people rise above the hateful lies
Generation after generation disengaging fatal attraction
Everything around is so corrupt
Tales of villains—dealings—killing in the land of living
In rebellion to biblical kingdom
In freedom I rise
Who exercise control?
Who is God? Who is Human?
What is a Man? What is a Woman?
Why can’t I be the Pope or Rabbi or the Imam?
That’s right man
I am the woman
I have been child bearing—child raising—child caring
For your satisfaction I have been even kuma* sharing
I’ve been in servitude long
Harassed on—oppressed on
I am refined in marriage
That’s how I have been defined
I have been doing fine
Cheering from the sideline
I have been doing fine
Nafada for Nafaka
I have been doing fine
NOW is the time
Wake up sister wake up—be awake
Medieval mystic burned at stake
Sharia law stones to death
Beyond Denial
In my saga
I am Eva—Siva—Nuah
I am the Mother Earth—Moon—Sun
I am divine power


from Nafada, released September 5, 2019
©2019 Konqistador Music
Producers: INfest8, Reginald Tiessen, Medusa Tn
Writers: INfest8, Elizabeth Graham, Reginald Tiessen, Meryem Saci, Sultana
Recorded: Detroit + Sydney + İstanbul + Montreal
Additional Recording: Serkan Özyurt / İskender Paydaş Prod. + Yann Simhon / Golan Studio Inc
Mix: INfest8
Master: Tempermill Studios Detroit


all rights reserved



Konqistador Detroit, Michigan

Konqistador deliver cinematic, downcast, darkwave with glitched synth, bass-heavy and drum-forward industrial style production and perform live with provocatively themed, syncopated projection. Detroit based multi-arts practitioners Reginald Tiessen and Elizabeth Graham are the key members of Konqistador since it's inception in 2005 and regularly collaborate with INfest8 (Sydney, Australia). ... more

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