Sahar X Miss Undastood

from Nafada by Konqistador



In Arabic the meaning of the name Sahar is 'Awakening'. Based on the traditional Iranian folk song Morq-e sahar, this track will tell the story of a woman newly awakened and empowered to tell her story with courage and strength. 'Exposed like skin' describes one's feeling of vulnerability in unveiling their true self without censorship.


Dedication, Commitment, Honesty, I’m consistent
This for the Rich, The Middle Class, Outcast, and The Indigent
Their empathy be so fake cuz they not really living it
I’m Adrien Bronner, I won the fight so my vibe you not killing it
It's my time, my turn, swallow diamonds shine the whole day
Walking my path, no short cuts, Jill Scott I took the long way
No handouts, no favors F you pay me, what they all say
Can't expose me, no secrets, I just do what the song say, Ayye

Exposed like
Exposed like skin
Exposed like
Exposed like skin

I lose weight I gain weight
I don’t know how to feel cause they body shaming, I look in the mirror I look Good
But my real body won't make me instafamous
Trying to rid myself of the guilt, pride, and self-blaming
Self-Love is a big deal, realize you amazing
I'm not perfect but I'm worth it, I'm a Queen gotta affirm it, My presence make em nervous
Cuz I'm swimming in my purpose
Screaming to the top of my lungs I just wanna be heard
Want the Respect, Recognition, Revenue that I deserve
Want The Grades That I earned
No C’s with a curve
Caterpillar been dead, soon as the Butterfly emerged
Wont help me get to the ice-cream ok its self-serve
My Talent A Gift & A Curse
I'm enough but they still wanna search, Watch Me Work

Exposed like
Exposed like skin
Exposed like
Exposed like skin

God is my predictor
Hands wrapped around like constrictors
I was down he kicked her
No longer a victim, I'm a victor
Better not bitter
I seen a therapist no stigma
Anger keeping me up at night, can't be worried bout no Mister
It's my truth, my Story
Can't Hold the Pen, I’m tell it
Not living in F-E-A-R for emphasis I had to spell it
Best revenge is success I can taste it, I can smell it
Heart under construction get away if you insecure and over jealous
I like who I’m Becoming I just Michelle’ed It
Do you wanna whine or you wanna win?
I start over hit begin
Miss Undastood here tell a friend, I don’t follow no trends
I'm exposed like the skin
To be this nice is a sin


from Nafada, released September 5, 2019
©2019 Konqistador Music
Producers: INfest8, Reginald Tiessen
Writers: INfest8, Elizabeth Graham, Reginald Tiessen, Miss Undastood
Recorded: Detroit (USA), Sydney (Australia)
Additional Recording: Zakariyya "Bumpy Johnson" Amin, for Bumpy's House Of Entertainment LLC
Mix: INfest8
Master: Tempermill Studios Detroit


all rights reserved



Konqistador Detroit, Michigan

Konqistador deliver cinematic, downcast, darkwave with glitched synth, bass-heavy and drum-forward industrial style production and perform live with provocatively themed, syncopated projection. Detroit based multi-arts practitioners Reginald Tiessen and Elizabeth Graham are the key members of Konqistador since it's inception in 2005 and regularly collaborate with INfest8 (Sydney, Australia). ... more

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