Visaya X HanHan

from Nafada by Konqistador



Visaya points to the pride of the people of the Visaya region. And reminds us all of our commonality, not our differences. We all came from ashes.

HanHan's approach is melodic, and she chooses to sing almost exclusively in Filipino languages — Tagalog and Cebuano — rather than shoehorning her ideas into translation in order to cater to English-speaking audiences.

“Indio”, they call us dumb no brain, no pride uneducated people
 She is a proud Visaya

Be careful with your words
Slow down a bit
 with beautiful hearts

We are nice

Every muscle in my body is soft and kindhearted
If you cross us

We will stand for our rights
We fight the wicked, 
the crocodiles of society
Where you’re from, never forget
Always do what is right

Different belief systems, religion
All Muslims and Christians
All came from the ashes
Remember that all the people in the world
All came from one (Where from)

All came from one (Where from)

All came from the ashes

Tout venait des cendres
We all came from ashes
Ma voix, dangereuse
Mon coeur, ma fierté

My skin, my pride
My voice, dangerous
Resistant, definitely

I am king


Tout venait des cendres
We all came from ashes
Ma voix, dangereuse
Mon coeur, ma fierté


from Nafada, released September 5, 2019
©2019 Konqistador Music
Producers: INfest8, Reginald Tiessen
Writers: INfest8, Elizabeth Graham, Reginald Tiessen, HanHan
Recorded: Detroit (USA), Sydney (Australia)
Additional Recording: Alexander Punzalan / Pacific Blues
Mix: INfest8
Master: Tempermill Studios Detroit


all rights reserved



Konqistador Detroit, Michigan

Konqistador deliver cinematic, downcast, darkwave with glitched synth, bass-heavy and drum-forward industrial style production and perform live with provocatively themed, syncopated projection. Detroit based multi-arts practitioners Reginald Tiessen and Elizabeth Graham are the key members of Konqistador since it's inception in 2005 and regularly collaborate with INfest8 (Sydney, Australia). ... more

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